The Launching of the 2024 MOU between Stavian Group & British University Vietnam and the "Professor Of Practice" title Awarding Ceremony

On Friday (March 29, 2024), the Launching of the 2024 MOU between Stavian Group & British University Vietnam took place successfully, with representatives of Mr. Tony Dinh - Chairman cum CEO of Stavian Group and Mr. Raymond Gordon - President of British University Vietnam. At the ceremony, Mr. Raymond Gordon also officially awarded the “Professor of Practice” title to Mr. Tony Dinh - Chairman cum CEO of Stavian Group.

Established in 2009, British University Vietnam (BUV) is the first and only international university in Vietnam to award degrees directly by the University of London and Staffordshire University. With a network of more than 500 business partners in many fields and a first-year internship program, BUV helps students equip professional knowledge and practical skills to meet employers' requirements and be ready to develop their careers after graduation.

With the orientation as a multi-generational enterprise, learning and people are the most critical factors Stavian Group prioritizes in corporate activities. With the "Mindful Leadership" training strategy in 2024, launching the 2024 MOU between Stavian Group and BUV is an opportunity for Stavianers to update our knowledge with modern learning methods, contributing to the expansion and development of the Stavian Group in the international market. At the ceremony, BUV also organized the "AI in workplaces" workshop, giving Stavianers the latest knowledge about AI in data processing, optimizing production processes, enhancing customer experience, improving business performance, and creating personalized marketing strategies.

The Launching of the 2024 MOU between Stavian Group and British University Vietnam and the "Professor of Practice" title awarding ceremony will mark a new development in the cooperation process to develop students' work experience and employment opportunities, especially towards cooperation in implementing research projects by groups of graduate students from major universities worldwide according to orders from Stavian Group. In addition, BUV will also provide corporate training programs such as technology workshop programs to update market trends such as ChatGPT, leadership, and AI marketing. BUV also prioritizes approving scholarships and tuition support for Stavianers and relatives who want to study at BUV, including bachelor's programs, MBA, English, and other short-term courses. BUV also supports Stavian Group in connecting with UK regional partners for green energy-related activities, M&A projects, community events, and commercial activities. In the coming time, with the support of BUV, Stavian Group will have the opportunity to access the most modern knowledge and pedagogical methods to expand and become a vital learning organization.