The Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of The Joint Venture Stavian VT Power

On Thursday (March 28, 2024), the Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of the Joint Venture Stavian VT Power between Stavian Energy Solution Joint Stock Company and Viet Thang Energy Technology Company Limited was successfully held at Stavian Group headquarters (Century Tower, Hanoi).

Viet Thang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. - VT Power is a leading energy enterprise that supplies and distributes electricity storage systems, electricity to off-grid places, mobile power supply systems, battery cells, and solar lighting systems. With the strategy of developing ecosystems according to each country's characteristics to improve the quality of green life, VT Power has built a wide network of business and support care services in Southeast Asia, providing customers with superior, highly economical solutions in producing and using clean energy.

Based on realizing the vision of becoming a pioneering enterprise in energy technology and contributing to building a prosperous green economy in Vietnam and the international market, Stavian Energy Solution is pleased to cooperate with VT Power Technology to establish Stavian VT Power Joint Venture Company. Accordingly, Stavian VT Power will provide leading solutions and services in the field of renewable energy, such as rooftop power systems and storage batteries for industry & business, power systems and storage batteries, solar lighting systems with integrated storage batteries, manufacturing and assembling battery energy storage system equipment, and electric vehicle charging station.

The Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of the Joint Venture Stavian VT Power marks a new development step in the cooperation process between Stavian Energy Solution and VT Power Technology, further tightening solidarity and accompanying sustainable development between the two companies. In the future, with the support and strong potential of VT Power, Stavian VT Power Joint Venture will develop business operations effectively and make its mark on the international market.